What is Inamojo™?

Inamojo offers Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) programs for children of primary school age.

To deliver them, we train primary school teachers…. but we also train external facilitators, who can come into your school and deliver the program on an outsourced basis, on your curriculum or as an extra-curricular activity.

We have licensed Facilitators in over a dozen countries now. You can see if there’s one near you on this map.

We support and empower children with lessons and skills that will help them navigate life’s challenges with greater understanding – of themselves and others – and greater resilience.

Each program comprises 9 x 30-40 minute classes, all using a carefully-structured mix of stories, music, movement and creative art. Children absolutely love these classes!

The stories have been written to teach important life-lessons in ways that children can understand, and find engaging.

They then get to ‘feel’ their way into each story by embodying the characters in a music and movement session, before expressing their feelings about the story in a piece of creative art.

This combination of auditory, visual, somatic and creative experiences leads to much deeper, more engaged and long-lasting learning.

Relaxation and emotional self-management techniques such as belly-breathing and mindfulness are also taught in these classes. Each class follows the same format, but each focuses on a different theme and learning experience:

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Course structure

Class 1: Introduction to the story and characters

Class 2: Trusting your instincts

Class 3: Feeling and managing your emotions

Class 4: Self-esteem, confidence, courage

Class 5: Compassion and kindness

Class 6: Truthful communication

Class 7: Imagination, dreams and goals

Class 8: Self-awareness and belonging

Class 9: Integration and celebration

We aim to assist the children to integrate their inamojo experience into daily life, so they have tools and knowledge to help them grow.

“Inamojo is an amazing program, much loved by our students.” (Matthew Coyle, Principal, Ferny Creek Primary School, Australia)

“I would highly recommend this program. The children improved their communication skills; developed better listening skills; became more confident; and their imaginations were stimulated.” (Clare McCarthy, Principal, Mayo National School, Ireland)

How to engage?

You can either hire one of our fully-trained facilitators to deliver the program in your school on an outsourced basis… or take out a licence for your school and we will train your teachers to deliver it.

Next Step: Contact Us

To arrange a meeting with your nearest trained Facilitator… or to discuss our Schools Packages (we licence your school, and train your own teachers to deliver our program)…

Please contact [email protected] to arrange a visit / zoom / telephone call, as you prefer.

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