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Inamojo™ offers effective and enjoyable well-being programs for children of primary school age and we train you (online, a few hours per week over 8 weeks) to deliver them.

Children today have great opportunities in many ways.

But they also face worrying new challenges (over-stimulation, online bullying… and of course, anxiety about all the changes resulting from the coronavirus!)

Sadly, we’re seeing alarming increases in mental health issues (anxiety, depression etc), impacting children at younger and younger ages.

Inamojo helps children to become more resilient, more confident, more compassionate, more insightful and self-aware. How? By using a very carefully constructed mix of stories, music, movement, art and meditation.

Perhaps you’re a parent, a healer, a coach, a kids’ yoga teacher?

This training is for you if you like the idea of growing your own business by supporting children’s wellbeing, using one of the most comprehensive programs ever devised!
Schools are crying out for programs like this, but most lack the resources to develop their own, so a proven ‘off-the-shelf’ program like inamojo, delivered by a trained facilitator, meets a real need.

Some schools will put it on the curriculum, others will want it as an optional extra-curricular activity. Either way, you can make a good part-time living while making a real difference in children’s lives.

Inamojo is welcomed in schools all over the world. And we also train you in how to run it online!

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Our free starter-pack includes loads of information about inamojo, plus a few examples of some of the many wellbeing tools and techniques we use in our classes.

The ‘Dragon’s Sneeze’, for example, is a wonderful tool for emotional self-awareness and self-regulation.

Also included in your starter-pack is our ‘Kind Hearts Playbook’, containing half-a-dozen easy-to-use tools to help children develop and practise kindness and compassion, towards themselves and others.

If you’re interested in becoming an Accredited Inamojo Facilitator, our training is all home-practice based, using stories, videos and workbooks, with awesome online support, so you can do it from anywhere.

Successful trainees are now running classes in primary schools, in community centers, online and on Out-of-School-Hours programs, in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Denmark, France, Portugal, Vietnam, Malaysia…

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I'm currently running 9 classes per week, working with over 150 children. The demand for children's wellbeing programs is definitely there. I LOVE this program!

Linda Garvin, inamojo facilitator, Ireland

Inamojo is an amazing program, much loved by our students.

Matthew Coyle, Principal, Ferny Creek Primary School, Australia

 I would highly recommend this program. The children improved their communication skills; developed better listening skills; became more confident; and their imaginations were stimulated. 

Clare McCarthy, Principal, Mayo National School, Ireland

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