Make a healthy income supporting children's well-being.


Inamojo is a unique wellbeing program for children of primary school ages (from 5 to 8 for this first series). Our heart-felt mission is to help empower young children with tools and skills for life-long wellbeing. But we need your help.

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"The facilitator training was a great experience. It gave me the tools to teach children to live mindfully & intuitively, to listen within & connect to their emotions. The stories are creative, fun to listen to and each has its own message. I am excited to venture forward and facilitate many sessions with young children."

Claudine Crook, Director of Hemel House Child Care Services, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

New Quest

The Quest is our facilitator training program. It's all home-based, using downloads of classes, stories and workbooks, plus a wonderfully supportive private discussion 'hub' on Facebook. It runs for 8 weeks, taking about 4 hours per week, at times to suit you.

And the training now includes a special bonus training on how to deliver inamojo online as well as in physical locations!

On successful completion of The Quest, you will be eligible to become a Licensed Inamojo™ Facilitator, able to earn a healthy full-time or part-time living supporting young children's well-being.

You can read more details here. The new term will start in September or October 2021.

Use the 'toggle' below to choose between paying in full now, or else you can pay 4 x US$320 fortnightly instalments.

Please note, all prices are quoted in US dollars, as we have trainees and facilitators all over the world, and that's the currency most people understand.  You'll be charged the equivalent in your own currency if different.


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Inamojo™ offers well-being programs for children of primary school age. To deliver them, we train teachers already working in primary schools ... but we also train external facilitators ... moms, healers, yoga teachers ...anyone who feels the call to create a healthy part-time career out of going into schools and helping to nurture children's well-being!

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