Inamojo™ is a new wellbeing program for children of primary-school age, weaving together stories, movement, art, meditation, and specially composed music.

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What is Inamojo™?

Inamojo offers wellbeing programs for children of primary school age. To deliver them, we train teachers and external facilitators ... parents, healers, yoga teachers ... anyone who feels the call to create a healthy part-time career out of going into schools and helping to nurture young children's wellbeing!

Our courses are guided by contemporary best practice in Early Childhood Development. Each class focuses on a different key developmental theme: trusting instincts; managing emotions; self‑esteem; compassion for others; truthful communication; intuition and imagination; self‑awareness and spiritual connection.

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A wonderful experience for our students, and one they really look forward to each week. Andrea Goodey, Primary School Teacher, Australia
Inamojo is so much fun because you dance, stretch, meditate, relax and imagine. I love Maths but I love inamojo more. Ash, Age 8
I'm currently running 9 classes per week, working with over 150 children. The demand for children's wellbeing programs is definitely there. I LOVE this program! Linda Garvin, inamojo facilitator, Ireland
Thank you for doing Inamojo. I liked the magic wheel art, Naga's cave, and brushing the feathers for Dragon's Sneeze. Nick, Age 7

Inamojo is an amazing program, much loved by our students. Matthew Coyle, Principal, Ferny Creek Primary School, Australia

I would highly recommend this program. The children improved their communication skills; developed better listening skills; became more confident; and their imaginations were stimulated.  Clare McCarthy, Principal, Mayo National School, Ireland

Meet the Team

We hope we will become valued friends of yours, sharing a passion for fostering children's wellbeing.  Team inamojo comprises:

Natalie Southgate


Creator of the world-renowned Chakradance™, and now co-founder of inamojo, Natalie works with Anna and Dale to create these magical wellbeing programs for children.

Anna Kelly


A highly experienced holistic therapist, before co-founding inamojo in 2013, Anna spent many years teaching yoga and wellbeing to children in schools, kindergartens and in her own yoga school.

Paul Southgate


Paul is Natalie’s husband, and draws on a 35-year career in marketing, advertising and design in now helping to expand the reach and positive impact of both Chakradance and inamojo.

Dale Nougher


A platinum-selling composer and multi-instrumentalist, Dale works closely with Natalie to create all the wonderfully chakra-resonant music for Chakradance, and now also for inamojo.

Jenny Harris


With a background in schools administration in Australia, Jenny works tirelessly to help and support our growing tribe of inamojo trainees, facilitators, schools, and teachers.

A comprehensive approach to children's wellbeing.

Key wellbeing themes are brought to life through stories, music, dance and art, as children play and connect with our characters.

This combination of auditory, visual, somatic and kinaesthetic elements ensures that children's different 'learning styles' are all embraced, and the lessons are more deeply learned by all.

Inamojo offers an imaginative, educational and playful approach to supporting children's wellbeing.

And for facilitators, it offers a wonderfully flexible part-time career, making a decent living out of helping young children to grow in confidence, resilience, and compassion.

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Inamojo™ offers well-being programs for children of primary school age. To deliver them, we train teachers already working in primary schools ... but we also train external facilitators ... moms, healers, yoga teachers ...anyone who feels the call to create a healthy part-time career out of going into schools and helping to nurture children's well-being!

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